Placement Overview Process and Profile

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Dear Prospective Member of the Geschenk Von Gott German Shepherd Family,

This is a letter from our hearts to yours.

Thank you for your consideration in putting your trust in our breeding and placement program here at Geschenk Von Gott German Shepherd (GVGGS).

Please be assured that love, time, research and commitment all go into the creation and care of each new canine member of your family. We combine all of the above to ensure that each little pup is put into your hands at their highest potential.

With the gift of this companion comes the very basic responsibility of care and compassion. It is our hope and desire that the notebook we provide of compiled information will serve as aid in your calling to bless and care for this very special friend.

It has been said that a dog is the only creature that loves you more then they love themselves. There is not a more vivid description of the Creator's love for you than this. As you live and learn with this new companion, let them be a sweet reminder of this heavenly truth.

All of life is a journey. At GVGGS we are on the journey of acquiring new knowledge in our program each day. We have yet to arrive at the destiny of completeness. We try and we fail. We live and we learn. We are human. Our goal is the best and our efforts are sincere. We trust that you sense our heart in all that we do.

I dedicate the notebooks we provide to my Grandfather Roy Lester who told, and more importantly modeled this truth to me as a child. Many of you have seen this verse displayed on the wall of our nursery.


God cannot make it more clear than that. Therein lies the responsibility of man in reference to the dominion and stewardship of all animals he has entrusted in our care.

Be kind to this special friend, not taking their love and companionship for granted. Treat them with dignity and the respect you would want in return. Be at awe in their faithfulness and revel at their sole purpose in be with YOU....

and in those special moments when their glance connects your souls, remember the Creator of this friend and whose love they were sent to portray.

Monette Demuth and Family

GVGGS Program And Pup Placement

We encourage our prospective clients to become involved in our program well before their new companion joins their family.  This way you are able to get involved in such a way as to see and understand the importance of all that is incorporated into conscientious and proper placement of a puppy.

When we receive an application for a pup via our web site, we contact the interested family and answer any further questions they might have after reading our site.

The next step is a visit to our home to meet us and meet and spend time with the Sires and Dams who are family companions in our breeding program.  We feel it is very important that our clients are given ample opportunity to interact and play with our dogs.

After your visit if you would like to be included in our upcoming placement process, we would require a deposit of $250.00 to secure a position for adoption.

All families are encouraged to volunteer for puppy socialization and to attend the orientation class that corresponds with the litter of interest.  It is at the orientation class that we will explain our contracts, health and structure guarantees, what you can expect from us and what we require of you in the adoption process.  You will also have the extended opportunity at class end to spend time with the litter and fill out a form that will state in first, second, and third order, the pups that you are most interested in given a good personality match.

Our pups are usually tested within one week of the orientation class and we will call you that day with the results and set appointments for adoption and to complete the final paper work.  We ask that you make arrangements to allow for morning placements as this is the best time for both you and your new companion to get acquainted.  All final payments are due at the time of placement.

We believe that the relationship between the client and breeder should continue after placement and that we would be available for any questions or concerns for the life of your companion.  We will e-mail or send you newsletters and invite you to attend our puppy reunions at Chatfield State Park in the fall.

We feel it is a privilege to be a part of bringing people and their canine companions together and will commit to doing our best to see that this process lends blessing to all involved for the life of your dog.

Hal, Monette Demuth and Family