Our Whelping House was designed and constructed with the main purposes of comfort, cleanliness and peace of mind for our birthing moms.  The whelping room is spacious, easy to clean and safe for mom and babies.

The floor is heat controlled and an individual wall heating unit allows the temperature to stay cozy at all times.

A viewing window allows us to monitor pup progress without interrupting mom's role too often.
The room has a let out to allow mom to relieve herself and stretch whenever she feels the  need to do so.  The let out feeds into a large pup play yard that allows pups to play, explore and exercise as they get older.

The play yard is designed to challenge the pups intelligence and confidence as they explore various surfaces, steps, tunnels and other mediums.  These areas are kept clean and inviting.

Pups are also brought into our home daily to experience optimum socialization and family interaction.


Blessing and her pups in the whelping box.