Service Companions

German Shepherd Service Companions

How does a small puppy grow up to be a Seeing Eye guide dog, SAR or Therapy Companion for special needs? Most would say that all pups come with a clean slate and you just train the pup into whatever need or field of work you want. This could not be further from the truth.

Dogs serving special jobs or needs of humans must first start with certain unique temperaments within the pup pack that they are born. This is entirely a genetic predisposition; yet at times even two service parents may not produce a pup within a particular litter that has service potential.

We have worked with many families over the years that were looking for Search and Rescue, Guide Dogs, Seizure Alerting, Anxiety Alerting and Therapy Dogs. Because we correctly socialize as well as personality test our pup accurately on the 49th day of their lives, we are able to observe traits and capabilities of one of these unique young dogs prior to placement. You can do all of the training you’d like on most Alpha or Omega pups and you will fall woefully short of most of the Search and Rescue or Therapy goals you are after. Most of these service dogs are found within the test results of the Beta dogs in the pack and yet even more specific tests are required for different areas of service. Alpha temperaments are much better suited for Canine work. Omega pups often lack the drive required for most service positions.

We can help you find a perfect pup suited for the unique challenges and requirements of a service animal. This will make training so much more streamline and effective. Your goals for service can be accomplished given the right pup for the job.

These are just a few of the many GSD’s in our placement program who serve mankind, whether it be in an official job or within a family with special needs.

April with her SAR companion.




   Loki and Dr. Roger Matthews.  Loki is FEMA certified in SAR work.




Tenzing and handler Michael Ferrara.  Tenzing has worked as a SAR dog in Vail.
He was also chosen as one of the top twelve Eukanuba Dream Team service dogs of America.


 A Colorado mother came to us inquiring of a Service Companion for her beautiful young daughter who was injured in an ATV accident resulting in paraplegia.  What a special bond of friendship.