Geschenk Von Gott German Shepherd Reunions

GVGGS Clients,

We often organize a reunion, but we need to hear from you to gauge the interest. Please contact us by email with your thoughts and be sure to udate your personal info ie. name, address, town, zip code and best contact number.  Thanks!

The GVGGS Reunion is an event we look forward to with great enthusiasm.  Our clients and their pets are invited in the fall for a fun filled 1/2 day reunion.  We have speakers on training and health issues unique to the G.S. Breed. 

Our circle time is when we all can show off our companion and what they've accomplished in training.  Door prizes are given out and plenty of refreshments for pets and their humans are available.

It's a great time to reunite with litter mates and other GSD enthusiasts - best of all, we get to see our babies again!!!!!!

Check our site for upcoming Reunion Information and details.

 (the above photo was taken at Reunion Fall 2004 - can you find yourself?)

Yahwehs Honor Geschenk Von Gott


Black & Tan
Yahwehs Solomon Von Wiese

OFA Excellent Hips
V Nolan Vom Alten Wingertshaus
SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 1, FH2, ZW-71
Paska Vom Salztalblick
Selab Vom Schlob-Richthof
Hella Vom Mutzbach
Xallie Vom Alten Wingertshaus Buster Vom Adelmannsfelder
Daisy Vom Alten Wingertshaus
V Kala Vom Salztalblick SchH3, Kkl 1, HD-ED Normal
Xen Vom Haus Pixner
Joker Vom Erlenbusch
Paula Vom Salztalblick
Nandy Von Der Salztal-Hohe Paska Vom Salztalblick
Bora Von Granit Rose
Demuths Faith Geschenk Von Gott

OFA Good Hips
Black & Tan
Denwolf Dantes Inferno
OFA Excellent Hips
Quincy Vom Holtzberg
Black & Red
C-Navar Vom Holtzberg
Inga Von Haus Cimmerian
Lucky Sevens Silver Belle Lucky Sevens Roll the Dysan
Lky Seven Hooked on Pheonix
Grace Geschenk Von Gott
OFA Good Hips
Black & Tan
V-Kent V. Cepion
SchH1, PPD
Rambo Von Mons Claudius
V Tina Vom Kapellenberg
Dive Vom Friedrichshof
Aly Vom Vordersteinwald
Anka Von Der Niddereiche
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